Creative Design and Clothing

It was firstly established during the academic year 1999-2000 and operates as the sole Department in Greece involved in the subject of Fashion Design & Clothing Technology in higher education. (Government Gazette of the Establishment of the Department 179/v.A΄/6-9-1999 article 1, par. 1, Government Gazette of Renaming of the Department 136/A/5-6-2013 article 2 par.1.d, Government Gazette of Establishment of the New International Hellenic University 70/A/7-5-2019 - Law No. 4610/2019)

Library Facilities

The Academic Library of the International Hellenic University of Greece - Serres Campus is operates since 1985 aiming to serve students, academic and administrative staff. The Library of the Department of Creative Design and Clothing has books and magazines whose subjects are specialized in the field of education related to the Design, Production and Marketing in the field of Clothing. Regulations for lending services of the library Students, academics, and administrative staff of the Institution have the right to borrow books. Non-lending material includes journals, information material (dictionaries, encyclopaedias, manuals) and audiovisual material. The maximum number of documents that can be borrowed is five(5) for the maximum period is 14 days. Users are obliged to return the borrowed books in good condition and in time. In case of delay in returning the books, a system of penalties is applied according to the time of delay. Catalogue of books and periodicals of the Department - Books - Journals - Contact the Library Library of the Department Telephone: (+30) 23410 29876 ext.: 22, Fax: (+30) 23410 29866 Opening hours: Monday - Friday 08:30 -15:00 Central Library of the International Hellenic University of Greece - Serres Campus Information Department: (+30) 2321049269 Lending Department: (+30) 2321049265 Address: International Hellenic University of Greece - University Campus of Serres Open University of Serres - University of Serres Campus, University of Serres - University of Serres Campus 62124 Serres Fax: +30 23210 49155 Email: lib@teiser.gr

Facilities & Laboratories

The Department operates in its self-owned facilities since December 2017. The building complex consists of the Administration building (K1), the Education building (K2) and the Catering building (K3) with a total area of 5.600 m² on a plot of 60.000 m². The Department's Library is located on the ground floor of the Administration building. Two multi-purpose rooms are also available for dissertation presentations and other events. The Department runs the following laboratories equipped with specialized measuring instruments for the measurement, evaluation, and control of the quality of the physical and mechanical properties of fibres, yarns, fabrics, and garments. Textile & Quality Control Laboratory For the measurement and evaluation of colour and quality control of dyes in textiles/clothing. Laboratory of Dye Physics & Chemistry For the Design and Development of Garment Standards. Design Centre Garment Standards Technology Laboratory. Computer Aided Design Laboratory - CAD For Garment Assembly and final sample preparation. Sewing Technology Laboratory Layering/Cutting Laboratory The Department's Atelier, equipped with sewing machines and workbenches, while a variety of fabric inventory is available in the material and accessories storage, for the preparation of individual student projects.