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e-mail: evridik_p@yahoo.com
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Dr. Evridiki (Eurydice) Papachristou, is an Assistant Professor at the Creative Design & Clothing Department of the International Hellenic University. She teaches Digital Textile Design, CAD Pattern Cutting Systems, 3D Prototype, Research Methodology and Basic Principles of Bodymetrics. She is also the scientific responsible for an Erasmus+ project, 3DGarT.
After many years spent researching and practicing the effective integration of 3D virtual prototype in the apparel industry, she is currently conducting applied research on the intersection of fashion and data mining and knowledge discovery, to further the technology and its adoption. Evridiki is also interested in the role of Industry 4.0 in creating institutional, social and cultural change towards more sustainable and circular practices.
She is also a research member of the CAD/CAM Lab (Technical University of Crete- School of Production Engineering & Management). Recent research projects involve a Conceptual Fashion Product Design Assisted by Artificial Intelligence – AI-CFPD, and i-mannequin a Digital Platform for the Design and Rapid Garment Prototyping – both co-financed by Greece and the EU. The first project aims at facilitating the design of clothing products, particularly in the field of product concept development, by providing personalized proposals to the designer as inspiration, by developing tool based on Artificial Intelligence methods. The tools will work in addition to existing support systems for the development of clothing products such as Life Cycle Management Systems, CAD (Graphics), 3D Modeling systems, commonly used by companies and designers. The second project, is associated with the development of a system for automatic digitalization, rapid prototyping and setting of parameters for clothing 3D models. In particular, the utilization of this system is expected to improve the field of clothing industry, by meeting specific requirements of clothing design and manufacturing companies, as well as the emerging needs in multimedia industry (i.e. films, games, or advertising) for virtual character (i.e. avatars) design and dressing up. The aim of this project is to integrate a series of innovations, while providing clothing 3D model creation in a short period, without requiring special knowledge and specialization by the potential user.